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Meet The Press !!

A unique approach to self-development and team building skills.

Actor/Comedian Terry V. Hart’s “Meet The Press” Team Building Workshop uses a series of fun focused improvisational games and exercises combined with practical inspirational enlightenment that will energize work relationships and increase listening and communication skills. Participants are challenged to focus on individual and other team member’s strengths and use “one voice at a time” for the benefit of the entire team.

With an extensive background in comedy writing and broadcasting, Terry’s corporate credentials, include live shows and motivational events for IBM, RBC, Proctor & Gamble, Scotia Bank, Manpower, Radio Marketing Bureau, Budget Rent A Car and many more.

Survivor Scavenger Hunt !!

The Survivor Scavenger Hunt is an interactive entertainment designed to highlight team building and corporate knowledge. It is a completely customizable event, tailored to your company’s particular needs, circumstances and timetable.

The first part over lunch introduces the tables to their teams and their challenges. Teams are given a quiz sheet and must answer questions ranging from classic trivia to particular product knowledge or corporate strategy that is the focus of the event.

Having finished lunch the teams work through a series of clues that lead them on a scavenger hunt race to designated stations where they obtain a “puzzle piece”. The teams gather their “puzzle pieces” then rally back to the boardroom and work on the puzzle. Those teams whose puzzles and questionnaires are completed within the allotted time have their names placed in an urn for a draw. The winners of the draw then receive a prize.

Day Of The Condor !!

A unique corporate event designed to build strong team relationships and increase and energize communication within the workforce.

Participants will be organized into teams. One member of each team will be removed and taken to an unknown location. His code name is Condor and in the next 2 hours, everyone he trusts must try to save him. The challenge will be for the remaining team members to accomplish this task in the allotted time.

Each teams goal will be to interpret the meaning of clues and evidence, provided as rewards for performance scenarios*, then attempt to solve the mystery: who has committed/masterminded this crime and most importantly where is the missing team member!

*Scenarios are customized presentations that will challenge participants comfort zones and motivate them to think and operate “outside the box”.

The first team to rescue their teammate wins!

The Murder Mystery format is the most popular choice for Corporate Events. It can be combined with a dinner, integrated into a conference or used for team building.
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A group of talented actors perform a 40 to 60 minute show of hilarious scenes, sketches, skits, songs and blackouts based on life, love, work, politics and the human experience.
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He looks like the other waiters… well kinda, but he’s a heck of a lot funnier. “Todd” enters during cocktails as a waiter/server.
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Interactive entertainment designed to highlight team building and corporate knowledge. Completely customizable events tailored to your company’s particular needs.
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