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Murder Mystery Toronto - "Kill The Boss"

Kill The Boss! – The murder mystery with a twist.

Let’s face it, you’ve idolized, scorned, admired, despised, loved & hated him/her for long enough. It’s time to strangle the CEO…poison the President… KILL THE BOSS!!!! A Murder Mystery that dares to ask, “Who had the kahonas to snuff the kahuna?” It’s finger-pointing time at the ol’ water cooler and everyone’s acting cool and coy. But someone in the office has a deep dark secret… Aw hell – everybody in this office has a deep dark secret, but which secret was it that pushed them over the edge making them snap, cross the line, and.. KILL THE BOSS!!!!!

For over twenty years the murder mystery dinner has been one of the most resilient and consistently successful corporate events going.

Why is a murder mystery, particularly a Kill The Boss murder mystery so successful? Two main reasons these days.

Number one is FUN! When I first started doing these events the focus was on serious detective work. Investigating, interrogating and contemplating the clues, the circumstances and the suspects to separate fact from fiction and arrive at a clear verdict as to the killers identity.

These days of high-speed Internet and wi-fi communication, reality TV and the glaring overkill of media advertising (there are ads on your TV channel listings) have forced a measure of instant entertainment gratification. So the emphasis is on FUN. Sure, there are still mystery elements involved – suspects, suspicious circumstances, dubious stories – but not so much to as to overwhelm. So it’s as much humorous as dramatic now.

Number two is TALENT. A joke is only as funny as the joke-teller and some amazing, hilariously sharp people have worked the ComedyWorks events. No one who has attended one of our shows will ever forget the manic cynicism and unbridled energy of Nick DeKruyff, or the sexy cutting edge beauty and wit of Lesley Kelly or the just damn funny characters created by David Talbot or the quirky and intellectual wit and charm of Rick Kunst or the methodically funny words and ways of Pierre Trudell. These guys have made a lot of folks laugh over the years and are key to the ComedyWorks success story.

Number three is PARTICIPATION. (Ok I know, I said there was two main reasons but “I’M A COP” and I can change my mind) A custom Kill The Boss murder mystery has room for those who just want to watch, laugh and be entertained, but there’s also room for those who want to full out get involved – and you know whom I’m talkin’ about. I mean let’s face it, if the boss is murdered, everyone in the room is a suspect. And there’s always someone either bold enough or stupid enough to step up and try to claim the throne…

…as long as they keep a sharp watch over their shoulder.

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